Contact Us| Yamazaki [Takao, Kyoto] is a Japanese restaurant and ryokan where you can fully enjoy the changing seasons of Kyoto in a traditional Japanese setting.

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Limited Liability Company Soba Restaurant Yamazaki (hereinafter “Yamazaki” or “we”) is fully aware of the significance of personal information of our customers and complies with the following policies regarding the protection of personal information. Yamazaki promotes the protection of personal information by ensuring that all employees are aware of the importance of protecting personal information and handle such information accordingly.

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We will implement the required security measures to prevent loss, alteration, leakage and unauthorized access of personal information in our care.
User inquiries
When requested by a customer to disclose, correct or discontinue use of personal information, we will implement the necessary measures to meet such requests.
Complying and reviewing laws and regulations
Yamazaki will comply with applicable Japanese laws and regulations regarding personal information provided.
We will also review these policies to strive for improvement.
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Welcome to Kyoto restaurant and Ryokan Yamazaki
Kyoto Takaoji

Restaurant and Ryokan Yamazaki is a 30-minute bus ride from Kyoto station
and offers easy access to the Takao area.
Situated in a quiet corner of Kyoto,
we offer an opportunity to enjoy the changing seasons of Kyoto up close.

TEL 075-881-2303

13 Takahana-cho, Umegahata, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto 616-8261